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Biolog Consulting is providing supply chain management solutions, expertise and consulting services to the Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors. Our patient-centric and client-driven approach supports them in gaining or maintaining leading positions but also managing all supply chain related challenges.

Our clients range from multinational firms and top leaders to small innovative companies. Our company uses successful methods, with a pragmatic approach to project management, which always respond to your needs. It also relies on a dense network of experts and partners to overpass the objectives.

Our Services

Biolog Services

Quality, Standardization And Regulatory Compliance

Standardization is vital in creating and sustaining quality. Quality is the extent to which a user’s needs and expectations are met.
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Research Office

Our company carries out many studies for private organizations, public authorities, international associations and various other types of players
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Strategic Supply Chain Management

We work with our clients to deliver innovative supply chain strategies that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets.
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Costs Management / Sourcing

This will provide your procurement organization with the categories to focus cost saving efforts on.
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Operational excellence

With strong competition and a changing environment, companies must focus on efficiency and operational performance (cost control,
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Cold Chain Management

We assist you to build your cold chain strategy after evaluating together your objectives in terms of cold chain compliance, investments and budget.
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Transport Management

Optimising transport and modes of transport – by answering the right questions and fixing the right objectives – customer satisfaction, cost control, quality,
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Project Management

Bringing customized and tailored solutions to your specific needs, we deliver a unique source of solution and information to you.
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Our Values

Biolog Values

Value Creation

with a large experience, we understand your challenges and focus on value creation. This is for us the foundation of business

Honesty and loyalty

honesty and integrity in the workplace is one of the most important qualities of great leadership. We embrace those values in our daily jobs

Intellectual rigour

We think critically and creatively, communicate clearly, and act with integrity

Belief in people

We believe our staff should feel valued and proud of their work and know that we will attract and keep the best people by understanding and supporting them


Competitive advantage depends on the ability to move quickly, decisively and efficiently in sensing, responding to and exploiting

Result driven culture

We develop the best strategy to achieve our client’s goals and maximize their customer’s experience.
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