Carrying Out Studies Of Various Types

Our company carries out studies for private organizations, public authorities, international associations, nonprofits
and various other types of players. We position ourselves as a data-driven company and know where to find
the information if we do not have it. We are able to gather data thanks to our database, our documents, reports and
other information sources. In addition, we have a large network of contacts who help us in our information search.

We can realize studies of different kinds for you, in particular:

  • Economic or socio-economic studies
  • Technical studies
  • Strategic studies
  • Benchmark studies


We use proven methodologies for these and we are committed to understanding your needs and achieving the desired results.


These studies are generally entrusted to us by:

  • Manufacturers / service providers or any private organization
  • Public bodies and authorities – governments
  • International organizations / associations & nonprofits
  • Ports, airports, etc. (infrastructure managers)

Your needs

We are able to meet many types of operational as well as technical needs. For instance, we can

  • Identify the right location for your distribution center
  • Do a country analysis report and costs simulation
  • Find new land, facilities or warehouses
  • Perform a market survey
  • Be part of your due diligence study or benchmark analysis
  • Make industry reports and track changes and evolutions
  • Help you in your search for funding or subsides
  • Compare service providers with key metrics and identify the best for you
  • Find the best tools for you and compare systems such as biobank management tool
  • And much more!


Our Know-How

Our experience gained from carrying out hundreds of studies all over the world has led to recognition by many parties who repeatedly appoint Biolog Consulting to carry out research and studies.

We also organize different types of training in order to teach your staff about the good practices in your field of activity.