Biolog Consulting is a company specialized in the supply chain and logistics sector of life sciences and healthcare.
We rely on proven methods and experts with unique and specific skills, demonstrating great expertise in the sector.
Our patient-centric and customer-focused approach helps you master all supply chain issues, ultimately creating value at all levels.

Our clients range from multinational firms and top leaders to small innovative companies. Our company uses successful methods, with a pragmatic approach to project management, which always respond to your needs. It also relies on a dense network of experts and partners to overpass objectives. Biolog Consulting is a committed and independent partner that builds relationships on trust and close involvement with the partners placing its trust in them. You can be sure to have established and hand-picked consultants. We set clear objectives at the beginning, measure the effectiveness of our actions, and publish the results during and at the end of the project.

Our Values

Value Creation. With a large experience, we understand your challenges and focus on value creation. This is for us the foundation of business.

Honesty and loyalty. Honesty and integrity in the workplace are two of the most important qualities of great leadership. We embrace those values in our daily jobs.

Intellectual rigour. We think critically and creatively, communicate clearly, and act with integrity.

Belief in people. We believe our staff should feel valued and proud of their work and we know that we will attract and keep the best people by understanding and supporting them.

Agility. Competitive advantage depends on the ability to move quickly, decisively and efficiently in sensing, responding to and exploiting changes in the business environment. Agility is at the heart of the organization. We therefore believe in innovation, transparency, creativity, diversity and collaboration.

Result-driven culture. We develop the best strategy to achieve our client’s goals and maximize their customer’s experience.

Passionate about the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry. Taking part in saving lives is one of our firm’s most prized asset. We are passionate about supporting each other in our continued growth to fulfill our ambitions.

Seeking to excel. We seek to excel in everything we do. We invest in continuous learning and anticipating changes; supply chain innovation is also in our DNA.